Farrah Abraham and Charlie Sheen Text About ‘Playdates’ and ‘Pornstar Ppl’

Farrah Abraham is searching for a new friend. So she figured, who better than Charlie Sheen?

The Teen Mom-turned-porn star is trying to swing a hang-out session with the one-time Goddess-loving, “winning” Warlock, after trying to score a cameo spot on his TV series Anger Management.

“Helloooooo! Just wanted to say I was excited to meet you if anger management ever ends up booking me , but idk if that will happen,” Abraham reached out via text May 8, according to TMZ. “I just felt like saying your super funny and would love to meet you at some point.”

“I’m in town a lot & hopefully soon will move to the area and maybe we can meet up for a play date with our children,” she continued in one error-riddled stream of consciousness. “Or if your cool for just coffee and relaxing let me know :) This week im doing appearances & other work and could only meet later.”

Not so surprisingly, Abraham’s overture piqued Sheen’s interest.

“You sound fabulous!” he responded. “Would love to get together!!” he added, but not for “coffee,” because, that’s for “amateurs and grandma.”

About a week later, Abraham got textual with Sheen again when she was in the Los Angeles area, proposing either a “kids play date,” or him joining her and “like pornstar ppl” for “some drinks” at a “B-day party,” or even “something else [he] would like to do.”

Sheen got snarky, retorting, “that is quite the spectrum to navigate young lady.” And Abraham found a bit of wit to toss back at him. “Ha ok well let me know what your comfortable with :) my life is a wide spectrum,” she wrote.

Though Sheen couldn’t attend the “pornstar ppl” soiree, he and Abraham have stayed in touch. They are still trying to plan that play-date.

Can you picture it? Sheen, the Backdoor Teen Mom and their tots playing together — just add a white picket fence and it’s pretty much a Warhol painting.