Michael Phelps Endorses Golf, Disses Politics With World's Single Most Astute Tweet

Michael Phelps
You remember Michael Phelps, right? He's the Olympic swimmer who won something like all the gold medals and maybe loves weed but definitely loves Subway. He's also the smart Olympic swimmer when you put him next to this nightmare parade. So he's almost unequivocally qualified to make the following statement, which he did today, on Twitter. Excellent use of your #personalbrand, Michael Phelps. Very good work.


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  • extech

    Not sure what this sarcastic story is supposed to show, but Phelps is at the US Open and was most likely referring to the politics connected to the tournament you moron. I doubt it was a blanket statement on politics.

  • cat77

    Robert, what exactly is this story about? I believe he was referring to politics as connected to golf perhaps the ongoing Sergio saga. He is in Philly for the Open and Sergio has been taking some heckling. Are you the SMART journalist?