Let This Caption Contest Be the Last We Ever Hear of Miley Cyrus’s Half-Denim, Half-Sweatpant Pants


Sorry, Miley Cyrus. But NOPE. Those pants are atrocious, and that is fact. Having a differing opinion is simply not valid, because there is no other opinion. Everyone in the world — I polled everyone who currently lives, has ever lived, and who will live in the future — and the response was unanimous: NOPE.

Our winning captions, however, are YEP:

“Who needs to decide between jeans and sweats when the leather jacket matches both so well!?” – Chelsea

“My hairstyle cost the cow just 2 licks” – Tina

“Peace Out Mother F**ker Haters I Can’t Be Tamed”…..” – Harish

“peace dudes I tried sewing my own clothes” – Susan

“Showin amanda bynes how its done!” – Princess Eleanor

“My clothes are in the dryer and this is all I had to wear…” – Stephani

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