Even ‘Yeezus’ Can’t Stop Kanye West’s New Album From Leaking

Despite his best efforts, Kanye West’s upcoming album “Yeezus” has leaked online. It’s not supposed to be released until next Tuesday. The leak contains ten tracks, which matches up with rumors spread around the internet earlier today. When I say West was keeping a tight lid on this thing, I’m serious. He hadn’t even released an official track list. The album also wasn’t available for preorder.

I’m not a fan of being sued so I won’t post a link to the download here, but if you want to find it yourself, I’d suggest a quick Twitter search.

I’m only five tracks in, but so far the lyrical highlight of “Yeezus” has to be “I am a god / so hurry up with my damn massage / in a French-ass restaurant / hurry up with my damn croissants.” (Get the complete lyrics at Directlyrics if you’re interested in how this plays out.)

Never change, Kanye.