Listen: Harry Styles' Leaked Track, 'Don't Let Me Go'

Is Harry Styles going in another "direction"?

A new song is making the rounds on the internet today, and it comes from none other than the musical heatthrob and One Direction singer.

The leaked track is called "Don't Let Me Go" and it's a soft piano-heavy ballad, somewhat of a departure from the poppy up-tempo stylings of boy-banders 1D. It's also a collaboration with UK musician Sam McCarthy.

McCarthy tweeted his gratitude for the song's positive responses, saying, "Wow! Thanks for all the nice tweets about the song. Harry did most of the words I did the music. X."

Harry's words include (full lyrics at Directlyrics): "I'll keep my eyes wide open/ I'll keep my arms wide open/ Don't let me/ Don't let me/ Don't let me go 'cause I'm tired of feeling alone."

A message to ex-fling Taylor Swift, perhaps?

Listen to the track, above. What do you think of Harry Styles solo jam?



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  • Hannah Askew
    Hannah Askew

    Can you guys not diss Taylor? They were just guessing. You never know. Stop.

  • Samantha Hope Harper
    Samantha Hope Harper

    Um No. Im sorry to say this but it cannot be a message or taylor swift! I Have disscussed this with some friends and one of them said That the lyrics "I Promiced one day i'd bring you back a star" and she said that he told that to his grandfauther but she also said that he died but their are many explinations this is just my way of explaining it correct me if im wrong... Oh and to all the "Shippers" out there I herd what yall did and i have no words

  • Loren Torres
    Loren Torres

    About Taylor Swift??? Heck no, their relationship was far too short for a song like that, and it wouldn't come 5 months later. Maybe it was about no one cause I'm sure it wasn't about Tay,

  • Ava Sim
    Ava Sim