Watch: The Career Evolution Of Miley Cyrus

Sweet and innocent Hannah Montana with her signature country twang is long gone.

Miley Cyrus  started out acting when she was 9 years old in small roles on TV series like “Doc” and Tim Burton’s “Big Fish.” She made her big break when she beat out 1,000 other hopefuls landing the role Miley Stewart in Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana.

Her career took off when she toured for her first album as Hannah Montana. She was named “People’s Richest Kid in the World” and had won over the hearts of millions of teenage girls.

Five years later and Miley has a whole new look, released a new album, is engaged to Liam Hemsworth and is best known for her “twerking” skills.

Watch and see how she turned her squeaky clean image to the outspoken controversial pop star she is today.