Alex McCord on 'RHOC:' The Real Housewives of Mid-Season Fatigue

"They’ve hit the half way point," reality veteran Alex McCord told Celebuzz of last night's Real Housewives Of Orange County episode.  "All the men need haircuts, all the women are sleep-deprived and rabid and EVERYONE is navel gazing.

"I couldn’t see it until I was out of it, but you get to a point in shooting the season where all you do is lie in wait for the next mistake to pounce on, you are chomping at the bit to have the next great moment or the next snappy comeback or one liner."

What else did McCord have to say?  Watch the video to find out.



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  • mcnotoson

    Alex, I agree that Slade should have stopped talking, but don't you think that he should also have apologized? Lydia was his hostess for the evening, and he had clearly offended her. Even though that may not have been his intent, and Lydia may have overreacted, his defensive and somewhat smart-aleky explanation made him appear arrogant, rude, and unconcerned for anyone else's feelings. If he had simply apologized, he would have appeared more gentlemanly. Instead he became an even more unlikeable character to me, and his "unlikeability" is bleeding over on to Gretchen. On the other hand, Lydia's calm and collected "I see who you are" and "you never take ownership" response made me respect and root for her even more.

  • Analidys Lemus
    Analidys Lemus

    Great job!!!

  • Amanda Dixon
    Amanda Dixon

    ur the best