Ke$ha (Finally) Explains Why She Doesn’t Wear Any Pants

One of life’s greatest mysteries has been revealed as Ke$ha comes to terms with her beef with pants in the latest issue of Self.

The songstress, who’s notorious for her pantless look, appears on the cover of the fitness mag in a skin-tight black leotard, dishing about just why she likes to get cheeky with her outfits.

“For me, I like showing off my legs because I work really hard on them,” she tells the publication. “So you will rarely find me wearing pants.”

“If I’m running, I’m usually in David Bowie-inspired spandex pants with lightning bolts and a vintage Harley tee.”

Despite her outrageous — and often racy — ensembles, the “Die Young” singer insists she’s not hoochie who likes to show her goods for free.

“People think because I hand out condoms [at shows], I must be some sort of ho. That’s not the case,” she says. “I’m a little bit of a kissing slut, but usually I just make out and then run away.”

But if you’re a ghost, Ke$ha’s willing to go all the way.

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