‘The Voice:’ Katrina Parker Recaps The Final Week Of Performances

Referred to as “the embodiment of [The Voice]” by Rolling Stone, Katrina Parker was a Semi-Finalist on Team Adam during Season 2 of the hit show. Katrina’s currently recording her debut album and stopping in weekly to discuss her favorite moments from Season 4 with Celebuzz.

Well, kids, we’ve made it to the final week of performances… It seems like just yesterday we were watching Usher refer to Nashville as a state, gasping at the elimination heard round the world (IE: Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons) and being charmed by Shakira as she consulted her country dictionary. I’ve enjoyed talking The Voice with you every week, but all good things must come to an end. Let’s have a dirty martini and chat about last night’s episode.

The Team That Squats Together Stays Together. Michelle Chamuel and Usher seemed to have formed a really authentic bond this season. This was evident during Usher’s adorable dinner with Michelle’s family. Who didn’t shed a tear when her mom talked about coming to the US as a refugee? Or when Usher said “I see in our future many more dinners like this?” Just when you thought you couldn’t feel more, they came out and performed “One” together, and hearts exploded. This was by far my favorite moment of the season. Forget The Voice. I’d love to watch “The Usher & Michelle Show,” thanks.

Facial Hair Alert. Adam Levine’s facial hair is growing rapidly, so this alert is now at Code Orange. Is he going on a shaving strike to protest the loss of his final contestants? Who knows, but if Adam pulls a full on ZZ Top (or Code Red) in the next 6 months, that’s on YOU America!

Hitting 2 Eagles With One Swon. Team Blake is all about consistency this season. He found a successful niche for his contestants and stuck with it. That’s why it makes sense for The Swon Brothers to cover another Eagles song (it went pretty well the first time – why not try it again?). The falsetto was nice, and the harmonies were solid. I would have liked to hear Baby Swon have his own moment, but Elder Swon did a fine job. I’m always game for another Swoncert.

Glowing BS. I tried to enjoy Blake Shelton and Danielle Bradbery’s rendition of “Timber, I’m Falling in Love,” but all I could see was the glowing neon “BS” plastered across the stage. That’s kind of appropriate considering the source of those initials, eh? I kid, I kid!

Annie Lennox + Michelle Chamuel = Gold. The minute Usher announced “Why” as Michelle’s song choice, I was fist pumping. Yes, it was more laidback than her usual fare. Yes, Annie Lennox is the shit and therefore kinda of sacred ground, but I knew it would be good. The song sounded fantastic on Michelle’s voice and fit her vibe beautifully. Plus – SPECIAL EFFECTS!

Déjà vu. A new addition to finale week was Encore performances (IE: contestants recreating their breakout moments). This seems like a smart idea in theory, but when some of these songs are only a week or two old, it feels a little too soon to be rehashing the good old days. See my previous blogs for thoughts on these songs (we’ve already been there, done that).

Meet the Family.  I think NBC should try out a new weekly show called “Awkward Family Bonding with Blake,” because those moments with his final contestant’s families were deliciously awkward. Maybe it could premiere the same night as “The Usher and Michelle Show.”

Let Me Go Home. “Home” was in high rotation on KCRW during my pre-season-2-Voice commute. Every time that song came on, I felt instantly better, so I was happy to hear it tonight. While nothing touches the original, this was an appropriate song for a Top 16 reunion. Plus, Baby Swon finally got a solo. Yeehaw!

Is the Deck Stacked? Was anyone else taken aback by the song order tonight? Based on the iTunes charts, Facebook comments and general love, I get that Danielle’s the favorite to win, but giving her two spots in the last 3 performances of the evening felt a bit icky. If she’s going to win, let’s make sure it’s based solely on her performances, which are good enough not to require any special positioning via producers.

Country Cage Dancing. That about sums up the duet between Blake and The Swon Brothers – country cage dancing to an awkwardly constructed song about celebrity. It’s a good thing I like cage dancing.

Best Team Spirit. Shakira didn’t have any horses left in this race, yet she showed the most team spirit of anyone tonight – waving a “Go Okies” flag for The Swon Brothers, wearing Team Michelle glasses and donning a cowboy hat for Danielle. These displays were quirky and sweet (much like Shakira),

Born to Fly. Like Adam said to Danielle after her performance of “Born to Fly”– “your perfection is almost boring me at this point. What else can I possibly say?” I concur.

Season 5 Shakeup. I was initially hesitant about the changeup of coaches this season, but I’ve really enjoyed Shakira and Usher, and I’m sad to see them rotate out next season. How will we go on without Shakira’s wackadoodle references or Usher’s unconventional coaching methods??

Thanks for letting me bend your ear about this season of The Voice. I’ll be watching the finale live tomorrow night with the hot folks from After Buzz TV – if you’re in the LA area, come join us! Tickets are available here

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