Cher Performed on ‘The Voice’ Last Night

On Tuesday’s finale of The Voice, legendary singer Cher descended from the Gay Gods to perform her brand-new single, the female-empowering anthem “Woman’s World.”

The performance itself was a bit off, sure; the 67-year-old legend mostly walked through her choreography, and her hair looked like some type of leftover taxidermy that once lived inside the Olsen Twins’ home. (She also eerily reminded me of my mother at one point, but that’s for another post.)

Anyway, hairgate aside, Cher still looked and sounded pretty good otherwise — certainly better than the rest of the performances, which one would expect with a lineup that includes Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera. (Why are they letting her back?)

Cher’s CD is out Sept. 24. Watch her performance last night in the video, above.

Or better yet, sing along to Cher by learning the words to “Woman’s World” at Directlyrics.

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