Here’s What Courtney Stodden Looks Like Post-Breast Augmentation

Modern America is all about #marketable #content that shows off your brand. (Modern America has completely lost control of its culture.) This #content should be #original and showcase your #brand favorably. This, unfortunately, makes Courtney Stodden America’s most successful brand.

In this case, the original content comes in the form of EXCLUSIVE PICS provided by Stodden, which showcase her “post-op bikini body” posing for “candid photos” around her home which she shares with her husband Doug Hutchison who is 34 years older than her and their dog Dourtney who is, quite possibly, also older than Stodden (in dog years). The brand in question is just Stodden’s body, which she recently had surgically enhanced from a C-cup to a Double D. Stodden, who seemingly spends all her time around pools in heels, was probably concerned that she would not be able to float were she to trip and fall in.

Your move, Oreo.