Nick Cannon On Amanda Bynes: ‘That’s Sad’

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Another day, another celebrity reaches out to Amanda Bynes.

Going where many have gone before, Nick Cannon has too expressed concern for the troubled starlet, telling Howard Stern on his radio show that she’s drastically changed from when they’ve worked together several years ago.

“To see someone you’d seen at 9, running around with a snotty nose, and now to see her like that is like, ‘Wow, man! That’s sad,'” Cannon explained.

The 32-year-old America’s Got Talent star added that Bynes was “like his little sister.”

“I tried to reach out,” he continued, but told the DJ that he hadn’t been able to reach her.

However, Cannon best be careful when extending an olive branch to the former Nickelodeon star. Other famous faces who’ve voiced their worries about Bynes in the past — including Lance Bass, Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Drew — have all been slammed by the actress in response (mostly about how “ugly” they are).