Robert Pattinson Kisses Mystery Blonde In Dior Homme Ad Sneak Peeks

Robert Pattinson is smooching a sexy blonde… in his new ad for Dior Homme fragrance.

Rob was recently named the new face of the scent, and now sneak peeks of his steamy ad are making the internet rounds.

The Twilight hunk’s commercial was screened at a preview event in Stockholm and from the looks of it, this is going to be one hot campaign.

Instagrammers snapped some sneak peek shots of the ad and here’s what we can tell, so far:

1. It’s in black and white. Classy.

2. Pattinson looks good in a suit. Wait — we already knew that.

3. Rob plays tonsil hockey with a tow-headed model. Nice.

We can’t wait to see more when the full ad arrives!

While R. Patz was busy debuting his hot new high-fashion project, his ex ladylove Kristen Stewart was spotted dining at a Texas area Hooters.

Check out sexy shots from Robert Pattinson’s Dior Homme ad, above.