Watch: Rihanna Whacks Unruly Fan With Microphone During Concert

Pro tip: Don’t try to grab Rihanna at her own concert. She will hit you in the face.

A member of the RiRi Navy learned just that Tuesday night when they grabbed onto the songstress a little too tightly during a show in Birmingham, U.K.

The 25-year-old, who was walking through the front row while belting out “We Found Love,” lashed out violently and whacked a fan’s face with her microphone after the concertgoer held onto her outstretched arm and refused to let go.

The muffled sound of the mic connecting with the fan can be heard throughout the speaker system as faint cries of “what the f**k” and “oh my God” are heard in the crowd. As for Rihanna, the singer walked away with her team of bodyguards without missing a note.

However, this wasn’t the first time an overeager fan got into tiff a performer at their concert. In May, Beyonce gave an audience member a stern talking to after he smacked the “Bow Down” crooner’s bootylicious behind. 

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