At Long Last, Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammer Will Co-Star in a TV Show Together

FX — Fox’s edgy channel that’s too edgy for vowels — is really pushing the boundaries with its newest show: a Martin Lawrence-Kelsey Grammer odd couple sitcom. We have 90’s nostalgists to blame for this one.

This must-see TV show will feature Lawrence and Grammer as two men who meet on the worst day of both their lives. They have nothing in common, except that they’re both lawyers, and decide to work together. Hijinks and hilarity, we’re lead to believe, ensue. The show will air for 10 episodes and if it hits a predetermined ratings benchmark, FX will order another 90 episodes, just like it did with America’s other sweetheart’s show, Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management. FX has not announced the series’ name or when it will start airing just yet.

Now that Martin and Frasier Crane are finally starring in a show together, you can get back to praying for that 3rd Rock from the Sun-Family Matters crossover series you’ve been dreaming about.