Kendall Jenner Proves She Loves Her Body, Especially In A Swim Suit!

Does anyone remember when they were a 17-years-old and the only thing you needed to worry about was getting out of high school alive? Well, Kendall Jenner is worried she’s been photoshopped a few too many times.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star tweeted a bathing suit-clad image of herself, proudly stating that the images have yet to be retouched in any way.

As if they would need to be touched-up in the first place. She actually weirdly looks like Victoria Beckham when she rocked her undies for Armani.

The moral of the story is that Kim’s younger sister has a rocking body by any standard imaginable, especially for someone who can’t even vote yet. Hopefully she realizes that and decides to enjoy her youth before retouching becomes a requirement.