Miley Cyrus Fan Week: What's Your Favorite Miley Video?

Vote For Your Favorite Video!
Happy Thursday, Smilers! Our ongoing celebration of all things Miley Cyrus — and, of course, all of her amazing fans — continues today with a new voting challenge. In honor of the "We Can't Stop" video release yesterday, we need to know: What’s your favorite Miley music video??

Now, we know this is a tough decision, but you can do it! After all, you chose your favorite Miley album, right?! And it’s definitely easier than posting a picture of the impressive amount of Miley goodies you've collected… And much less scary than filming a video of you #RockingOutWithMiley!  So you can’t chicken out now.  Come on! Vote:

We can't wait to see the results on this one! Remember to return tomorrow for one more Miley Fan Week event!


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