Polo Fangirl Politely Asked William And Harry If She Could Take Their Photo

The young lady who made headlines for her facial expressions at Sunday’s charity polo match is a bit of a pop culture sensation right now.  14-year-old student Andrea Rubio took a photo of Prince William and Prince Harry at Beaufort Polo Club, but the most amusing part of this story was her reaction to seeing the royals.

Rubio, originally from Mexico, attends Westonbirt School in Gloucestershire and spoke to the local paper (via People) about her encounter.

“I knew Princes Harry and William were going to be there but I never thought I would get near them, let alone speak to them,” Rubio told the paper.

“I asked them ‘Please may I take your picture’ and they both laughed and said yes. I couldn’t believe it,” she said.  “I think I may have shouted after because I was so happy.”

Rubio phoned her mother, who was quite pleased that her daughter went about asking for photos in a civilized manner.

“When my mum found out what had happened she said she was glad that I had been polite and asked the princes if I could take a photo,” Rubio said.

“I never imagined all this would happen just because I took a photo,” Rubio said of her instafame.  “Prince Harry is my favourite – I think he is really hot.”