Rihanna’s Neighbors Not Feeling The Love

It looks like Rihanna is taking a cue from The Biebs and in the doghouse with her neighbors.

Since a rooftop stranger was nabbed creeping around her Pacific Palisades home on Monday, according to TMZ, the songstress’ neighbors in the swanky enclave of Los Angeles have grown increasingly agitated since their once-private street has become a prime locale for trespassers and paparazzi.

“We’ve had it,” resident Marian Mandel told Celebuzz.

“We’re quite upset about the publicity. It was a private street and we want to keep it that way. Everyone is taking care of each house and we are protecting our rights up here.”

And this isn’t the first time the pop star, who’s currently on her Diamonds tour in the U.K., has been paid a visit by a lurking lookie loo on the $12 million property she reportedly bought in Dec. 2012. In February an obsessed fan was also put behind bars after trying to break into her digs.

Another resident, who asked to remain anonymous, points the finger right at RiRi.

“The neighbors closest to Rihanna are really offended by this,” added the neighbor. “It affects our entire street and it’s no longer private because of her. Trespassers come here just to look for her.”

In time, Mandel believes the “Run This Town” singer will eventually find another place to call home.

“She’ll probably move out,” she said. “She’ll get tired of this.”

RiRi’s next door neighbor Mark Green said fellow residents are staying proactive about what to do next, even if it means beefing up security.

“We’ve been getting emails and alerts about what happened,” added Green.

“The neighbors are pretty much as upset about this as about the paparazzi who are here all the time. It’s a private road and we moved here because we like the privacy.

“Each has spoken to different security companies and we’re formulating if we go in as a group or contract separately.”

Despite the hard feelings, he’s a bit more sympathetic to the 25-year-old superstar’s circumstance.

“It’s such a quiet street and we hardly ever see her [Rihanna],” he said. “As long as people at least keep getting arrested, it’s all good.

“It’s a private road and the people who are caught here are felons.

“Other neighbors are pretty upset, but I’m okay. It’s a process. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had to warn people away. She has no control over what crazy people do.”