Soooo It Looks Like Kim Kardashian Named Her Baby

According to both People and TMZ (which managed to allegedly take a peak at the birth certificate.  Who let TMZ into Cedars?), Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have named their baby girl North West.

I can't.

Little Miss West, who was born a few weeks early on June 15th has "a cute little nose and Kim's lips," says a close friend (via People).



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  • hotwasabi21

    Celebuzz needs the option to like other people's comments, cuz I would like everyone's comments on here! I'm no Kimye fan, but when I heard a rumor they were naming their daughter Kaidence, I was going to give them some credit because I really like that name. But North West?? How ridiculously stupid! They should've name her Mid West, because at least that's where Kanye's from! As someone who hails from the best part of the county, the Pacific Northwest, I'm insulted that my territory now shares the name with baby Kimye!

  • mmctec

    So you name your child such that her entire name is a directional term? You must be kidding. Your child's peers are going to make fun of her throughout school and she'll be thinking, "Thanks, Mom and Dad." If you wanted her nickname to be Nori, you should have named her Nori. You two take the cake, as they say. Kim's father must be rolling over in his grave

  • mewze

    Says a lot about kim and kanye's combined IQ... real creative... even Blanket or Apple would have been a better name.

  • Katja Nyquist
    Katja Nyquist

    OMFG! How they DARE THEY! Here's to your child getting teased and never know what it is like to have a normal life!

  • Andraya Boykiw
    Andraya Boykiw

    Yeah... She wasn't named after northwest airlines

  • cheezzy

    So crazy!I just can't!!!poor baby!

  • Stephanie Valera
    Stephanie Valera

    Poor child I hope this is soooo not true! At least Courtney had some sense with her children's names...

  • Lhiza Bongat-Kerr
    Lhiza Bongat-Kerr

    North West???? geeeezusss....poor kid. named after an airline company (Northwest Airlines)

  • Sharon Rohr
    Sharon Rohr

    that is the worst name ever don't they know that she will get picked on in school with a name like that . what are they thinking ?

  • Sarah Farchi
    Sarah Farchi

    seriously ?! what the hell is wrong with them !?