CommentBuzz: This Week’s Best Reader Comments About Baby Kimye, Miley’s New Video, and More

What. A. Week. I know I say that every week, but seriously. BABY KIMYE! BABY KIMYE IS HERE! And we can stop calling her Baby Kimye, because her name is North West. Things change so fast. Time is like a dream…

What else, what else? We celebrated Miley Cyrus Fan Week! That was fun! And perfect timing, considering she released the “We Can’t Stop” video this week. Also big news. Wow. I’m tired just thinking about it. Friday naps, anyone?

Alright, before we all doze off, let’s get to the point. We are gathered here today… no, that’s not right… four score and seven Paula Deen apologies ago… hmmm, nope. OK! CommentBuzz! To thank you for your thoughtful contributions, readers, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite comments about this week’s top stories. You will find them below.

Of course, you lot had many nice things to say about the birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby:

“Congratulations Kim and Kanye enjoy your little bundle of joy!!” – Marissa

“Awwww Congratulations Kimmie & Kanye don’t let them hater get to u Kimmie about how u dress.your weight.your life period people are going to always pass their no matter what u do so just look pass them you have a beautiful family so what u wasn’t married when u had kimmie AND???? The point you and Kanye love each other very much and have a beautiful baby grl it’s about you and yours everything else doesn’t matter! #Family1St #Mommy #Babygrl” – tmodeling2988


“Kim so happy tear in my eye and Kayne made it dont ever listen to the press , you looked amazing and hoping you ingnore the haters and enjoy what you always wanted unconditional love and beautiful baby. Can’t wait to see her with a gorgeous Mom like you she will be just amazing. I have always adore your love of family and tru friends. People hate woman who are beautiful on inside and out like you Miss Kardashian Kris and the family and Kayne must be thrilled. love you….” – Gia

Miley Cyrus“We Can’t Stop” video elicited some strong reactions:

“the video was dope. the song is lame. her style is sick though. dare I say better than rih :-O” – Elle

“The song is chill….but she is trying so hard to act like she doesn’t give a damn. Nowadays teens come packed with the don’t give a fuck gene, but she is trying too hard it doesn’t seem natural.” – Brenda

“How many brands where there? And don’t say those french fries are from Mc Donald’s or I will shoot myself! Damn!” – Ibrahim

“umm does miley think she has the butt to try and twerk or shake it lol umm you cant shake bones..just saying..some parts she looks like a lil girl with a wedgie lol” – Mellisa

And remember that time Dolce and Gabbana got sentenced to six months in prison?

“I hear D&G’s spring 2014 line will feature jumpsuits and vertical stripes.” – Robert

“Too funny for words. Apparently The Lohan Law doesn’t apply to them – choose your prison, therapy and punishment. I say make them wear thrift store clothes for 2 years. That’s learn em!” – Denise

Serena Williams made some controversial remarks about the Steubenville rape case, and one user thoughtfully weighed in:

“So now its the girl’s fault her parents aren’t competent of looking after what their kid does with alcohol? And correct me if i’m wrong, but i believe the society did this to kids. It’s not our fault we live in a world where it’s expected to get drunk at parties and such. And on top of that, how was a sober girl supposed to defend herself from two strong guys? Please. And if a guy feels its normal to do what they did to her, then he needs some serious help. It’s not just “doing something stupid”. Sometimes i feel disgusted by being human. Look at all the “stupid things” they (we) do.” – lobosarae

And we leave you with this #classic remark made about Courtney Stodden’s boob job:

“what she NEEDS is a brain job… -.- ‘” – lobosarae

That’s all we have time for this week, Celebuzzers. Thanks for contributing! Remember, if you want to be featured in next week’s CommentBuzz, simply leave comments on your favorite articles.

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