Miley Cyrus Fan Week: What’s Your Favorite Miley Style Era?

Welcome back to the last day — SAD FACE — of Miley Cyrus Fan Week! Smilers, it’s been a blast. But before we officially end the festivities, we have one more task for you!

You voted for your favorite Miley albumCan’t Be Tamed took that title — and your favorite Miley video. You also showed us your awesome Miley collections. A few brave souls also recorded Vine videos of themselves #RockingOutWithMiley. You guys are awesome! We know you have enough left in you for one more event…

Given that Miley’s personal and stylistic evolution has been a hot topic around these parts of late, we thought we’d ask you which Miley era you like best. Squeaky clean Hannah Montana Miley? Darker Can’t Be Tamed Miley? Or maybe you love the new, wild “We Can’t Stop” incarnation of the superstar? Vote below for your favorite Miley era!

Hannah Montana Era Miley

Sweet, innocent, fun. This is how many people like to remember Miley, though it has been seven years since the show debuted, so of course it’s natural that she would have evolved by now.

Post-Disney, Can’t Be Tamed Era Miley

While it was clear, at this stage, Miley wanted to break free from her squeaky clean Disney persona, she hadn’t yet gone full “ratchet” on us. The look was darker, more mature, and slightly “edgier,” but still pretty clean overall. One thing we can all agree on: dark hair suits her!

Current, “We Can’t Stop” Era Miley (2.0)

And here we are. Miley wants us to know she is done with her past incarnations. From the edgy, drastic haircuts to the sometimes “out there” fashion calls, her message is loud and clear. The “We Can’t Stop” video features some highly sexualized and controversial imagery. Elsewhere, Miley continues to flaunt more skin and exhibit some daring choices, fashion-wise.

Which Miley era did you enjoy most? Vote now!

Thanks for celebrating all things Miley this week, Smilers! We’ve had a blast. Stay tuned next week for a new series of Fan Week events.