Prince William Turns 31

Prince William, who was born inside St Mary’s Lindo Wing in 1982, turns 31 today.

The man who would be king is now preparing for the birth of his first child, expected to enter the world in the very same place more than three decades later.

The third-in-line will be the second future monarch to be born in a hospital; All others had been born inside the palace or their family homes.

After he returns from paternal leave, it’s expected that the Duke of Cambridge will make an announcement on his future – Will he remain with the RAF or will he take on royal duties full-time?  Many royal insiders are leaning towards the latter, given the frail state of Her Majesty and the Duke of Edindburgh, both 87 and 92 respectively.

William is his mother’s son, always looking to put others at ease and shunning any sort of special treatment wherever he goes.  The Duke may not yet rule the United Kingdom, but when he does his reputation will precede him.