Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift Toast To Summer With Ice Cream And It’s Kinda Cute

Gal pals Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift want you to know it’s officially summer.

In a recently posted video to Swift’s new Vine account, the young stars sweetly toast to the start of the season. But don’t worry folks, they’re not knocking back the hard stuff (Selena is only 20, you guys). These hardcore ladies engaged in a PG cheers with good old fashioned ice cream cones! It’s pretty adorable, actually.

In the brief clip, Seleners dons heart-shaped glasses, while Tay is wearing a collared shirt with precious little kitty cats all over it.

Has Taylor crossed over into cat lady territory? She seems to be a pretty big fan of the furry critters.

Swifty posted her first Vine video on Wednesday evening and it revealed the singer’s super scandalous after hours activities — watching Titanic with her kitten Meredith. I don’t know about you, but she’s feeling… 82?

We can’t wait for more 6 second glimpses into the fascinating life of Taylor “Danger” Swift.