Celebrate Global Smurfs Day With A New Britney Spears Song From The Smurfs 2 Soundtrack

You can keep Arbor Day, Thanksgiving and all your other annual celebratory events – just give us today, June 22nd, also known as Global Smurfs Day all around the world.

For 24 Smurf-tacular hours, it’s a celebration of all things tiny and blue, as the people of Earth come together to relive their favorite childhood cartoon. This second annual celebration is a salute to Smurfs creator Peyo and features a gathering of representatives from over 28 countries taking part it Smurf-centric events everywhere from the streets of Paris to Los Angeles and the artist’s home country of Belgium.

Special Smurf ambassadors will be posting photos from worldwide events throughout the day on Instagram using #globalsmurfsday.

Even pop legend Britney Spears is here to help get you in a Smurfy state of mind. Her new track, Ooh La La, which you can hear in the video above for the first time, playing over the latest Smurfs 2 trailer. Throwing shade on anyone who doubted her maternal skills, Spears signed on to the Smurfs 2 team expressly because her children are die-hard fans of the characters. Now that’s good parenting!

Have a Smurfy Saturday all.