Kendra Wilkinson Admits She’s Ready For Baby-Making In Two Weeks

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Kendra Wilkinson has babies on the brain — and she’s giving us all two weeks notice before she and hubby Hank Baskett are going to start trying for baby No. 2.

And all it took for the reality couple to know they were finally ready to give Hank Jr. a sibling was a romantic couples-only getaway.

“Our trip to Big Bear has been such connection between the two of us. We both had a moment,” Wilkinson told Celebuzz on Saturday while celebrating the first weekend of summer poolside with Veet at Drai’s W Hollywood. “Hank is so excited that he teared up. We’re so committed.

“I’d say within two weeks we’ll start trying,” she added. “As soon as possible, we are 100 percent ready.”

Someone else who’s ready for his new role is future big bro, 3-year-old little Hank.

“He’s been asking,” said Wilkinson. “His classmates all have siblings and he’s like ‘I want a brother, I want a sister.’”

And the Basketts are so prepped for parenthood round 2, that they already have a name picked out — even before the baby-making begins.

“The first time [I was pregnant] we said ‘what if it’s a girl?’” said the former Girl Next Door, who just premiered the second season of Kendra On Top on We TV.

“It represents something special to us. It’s a name that can go either way. I want her name to be a boy name, but can be shortened to a girl name.”

The 28-year-old self-professed tomboy is actually getting used to the idea of thinking pink.

“Hank wants a girl. And Hank Jr. is so protective over me, we have a mother-son bond. So I can’t imagine what a girl would be like,” she said with a smile.

“I’m ready for anything that happens naturally. But I’m not afraid to raise a girl.”

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