2013 Album Anticipation Showdown: Five Reasons Why Beyoncé's New Record Will Slay

Is Beyoncé's forthcoming untitled project the 2013 album you're anticipating most? Let us know by voting below. Return each day this week for a new feature on one of our most anticipated albums. Last week, Eminem won the title of Most Anticipated Male Album. This week's winner will face off against Eminem next week.

Vote now for your most anticipated female album of 2013. After the poll, read on to find out why we're excited for Beyoncé's upcoming release!

1) Let's explore the facts. Beyoncé has 17 Grammy awards. In fact, the Wikipedia page listing Beyoncé's many awards and nominations is longer than most people's entire biographies. Where does that leave your fav? All of her albums have sold at least one million copies in the U.S. alone, and most have them are multiplatinum. Haters still hating? OK, how about this: Destiny's Child is one of the most successful girl group of all time with more than 60 million records sold. *Kanye voice* ALL TIME! Still not convinced? Her Twitter account has more than nine million followers, and she's only tweeted five times. Surely you "get it" now? No? Then how about this: Legends like Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Prince, Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, and more have been humbled as they worshipped at the altar of Beysus. You with me? One last parting shot: Beyoncé and Jay-Z's combined net worth is estimated at over ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

2) Now that we're all on the same page, let's get down to business. Queen Bey has a new album coming out this year. We don't know when. We don't know what it will be called. But we know it will be good. How? Because it's Beyoncé. And because the little tastes we've been given are promising:


Awwww yessssss, Bey, take us away to that tropical island. *Sips a piña colada*

#BowDown. Yes, you.

3) We know a few other things about the project, too. (We also have some dreams.) She's already collaborated with The-Dream, Pharrell, Timbaland, and Justin Timberlake. If rumors are to be believed (and dreams do come true), there is the possibility that Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks could make appearances. And, naturally, her hubby may very well drop a guest verse or two, which is always cause for celebration.

4) Waiting sucks, but at least we have The Mrs. Carter World Tour to hold us over. Beyoncé has always been an incredible live performer, and her current sold-out tour isn't doing anything to tarnish her reputation as such. Fans thirsty for new Bey music are in luck, as she has taken to performing some of her new material on the road. And if the energy she brings to this album is anything like the energy she brings to the stage, all signs point to #AnotherClassicForQueenBey.

5) It's Beyoncé. She's been slayin' ur favs since 1996, and that's a fact. Though it may seem cruel that she hasn't yet confirmed any details about the album, that only makes us want it more. Eventually we'll get our hands on it, and we know it will be worth the wait. She's a perfectionist, and we'd rather her deliver a masterpiece at her own pace than release a half-baked collection of songs just because fans want new music. We're OK being patient. For now...

In the meantime... *dances around to "Grown Woman"*

Don't forget to vote for your most anticipated female album above. Return each day this week for a feature on each of the participating albums!

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  • Nikolai Cena
    Nikolai Cena

    Thumbs up for Bey Fans. She is definitely a winner :)

  • Johnnier Ospina
    Johnnier Ospina

    i love brit.. latinoamerica a la espera.... ♪ ♫ brit army. ♫

  • Dale Crites
    Dale Crites

    Britney Going Knock Them All OUT!!!! It's Britney B&tch

  • Caroline Nyambura
    Caroline Nyambura

    Britney is cooler. Like DUHHH! Beyonce please!!!

  • Chelsea Underwood
    Chelsea Underwood

    Britney for the win. And why is Beyonce even on tour when she doesn't have an album out?!? Isn't that backwards??? Not to mention she copies the Queen, Brit.

  • Dimitri Kisame
    Dimitri Kisame


  • Dimitri Kisame
    Dimitri Kisame


  • Hidhir Badaruddin
    Hidhir Badaruddin


  • Samuel Alfonso
    Samuel Alfonso

    I voted for ARTPOP!

  • Pedro Marinho
    Pedro Marinho

    if it's anything like her last, she'll be lucky to hit number 10....

  • Mehraj Omar
    Mehraj Omar

    i love how the author of this article is all for Beyonce when infact she hasnt slayed anyone lol

  • colonel1

    Looks like the article was for naught. Bey @ only 16%? Meanwhile Gaga takes the cake by a landslide, and Britney Spears takes the one-up on the thief. Knowles should have released after that tired-ass routine was performed at the Superbowl.

  • iris556

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  • musiclover91

    Bruna yeah except We Found Love was an extremely popular song. STILL played on the radio today. Love on Top was basic as hell and had moderate success...

  • kingbey


  • Bruna Alves
    Bruna Alves

    "musiclover91" Rihanna won a 2013 Grammy for "we found love" and it was releases in 2011 too, so what's your point?! (Beyoncé is truly talented, she works hard and she deserves everything that won.)

  • loveformusic

    Her dad counted as one vote...get over it. King Bey is here to stay and you will deal.

  • Matt Russoniello
    Matt Russoniello

    Guys, guys... We are going to do a feature like this for each of the albums in the poll! Today's Beyonce's day, but stay tuned for articles about Britney, Gaga, Selena, and Miley!

  • Ryan Macintyre
    Ryan Macintyre

    This is a ridiculously biased article.

  • musiclover91

    Completely biased poll... but whatever. Britney is the slayer of slayers. You forgot to mention in your first reason that Beyonce's dad works for the Grammy's committee. Winning a 2013 Grammy for Love On Top when it was released in 2011? Serious suspect... Let's see if she's still winning as many Grammy's now that her daddy is out of the picture for her...