‘Breaking Bad’ Final Season Promo: Winning Hearts And Making Bank

Breaking Bad is breaking the mold.

The hit AMC series is approaching the second half of its final season this August and fans and critics alike are waiting with baited breath.

Over the years, the show revolving around one cancer-ridden man’s attempt to provide for his family by cooking meth — and his subsequent power-struggle to become Albuquerque’s biggest drug lord — has garnered praise by just about everyone who’s ever loved TV. Both actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul has won Emmys for their roles of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman respectively, and the series itself shows no signs of stopping as it gears up for its dramatic finale.

Celebuzz has the exclusive first look at a promo for Breaking Bad’s final episodes, above.

And between you and me, I still get tingles when I hear Heisenberg talk about the empire business.

Breaking Bad will return to AMC on Aug. 11.