Justin Bieber Banned From Skydiving Facility For Life

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Justin Bieber has officially been blacklisted from an indoor skydiving facility in Las Vegas for leaving the place in disarray.

Along with his entourage, the “Baby” singer arrived at the business just mere minutes before it closed over the weekend. Sources told E! News that when the company gave him the option shell out $1,600 for his crew or post a shout-out to the facility to his Instagram account, Bieber agreed to the latter but didn’t live up to his word after he had his fun.

According to an insider, the 19-year-old “actually faked like he was posting something, per the agreement, but never did.”

In addition to allegedly not giving the business their publicity, Bieber and his six-member team reportedly left a mess in the place.

A source said the group was “a disrespectful bunch” and one security member allegedly made a mess around the sink and threw his paper towel on the ground while directly looking at an employee. The source also added that Bieber himself was “was very standoff-ish toward mostly everyone outside of his crew” and “very disconnected from reality.”

This wasn’t the first time Selena Gomez’s ex-beau was banned from an establishment. In May, Bieber was also banned from an Austrian club after his security guards allegedly smashed patrons’ cameras and cellphones to prevent them from taking photos of the pop superstar.