Beyoncé Fan Week: Send Us a Photo of Your #QueenBeyStyle

Hello, hello, hello! (Halo, Halo, Halo!) We began Beyoncé Fan Week covertly yesterday when we featured her in our 2013 Album Anticipation Showdown series. Things kick off in earnest today with a new Fan Week challenge. Are you ready, Beyhive?

Beyoncé always looks fab when she takes the stage. (And in every photo shoot ever. And on the red carpet. And in candids. And everywhere.)  How do you dress to impress? Post a picture of your #QueenBeyStyle to Twitter or Instagram, and you’ll be featured in our gallery! Take our editor Kendall, pictured above. She sure knows how to rock it, #QueenBeyStyle! It’s super fun, and super simple to participate:

1) Post a photo of yourself rocking a confident, sexy Beyoncé-esque look, pose, or combination thereof to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #QueenBeyStyle.

2) Alternatively, you can use the uploader below to submit your photo:

3) You may also hashtag (#QueenBeyStyle) an old photo of yourself on Instagram!

4) It can be any photo that demonstrates your confidence, your fierceness, and/or your general awesomeness. Feel free to get creative!

5) Your photos will begin displaying in the gallery below once we begin receiving them

We can’t wait to see you guys stylin’. Return each day this week for a new Beyoncé Fan Week event! Don’t forget to vote for Beyoncé in our 2013 Album Anticipation Showdown poll!