Russia Apparently Has the ‘Counselor’ Teaser-Trailer

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So in reading all this stuff about Edward Snowden’salleged whereabouts this morning, I came upon this link from The Film Stage, which has the first teaser-trailer for Ridley Scott’s upcoming thriller The Counselor.

Sadly, the trailer is entirely Russian, so any hope of hearing what the words from Cormac McCarthy’s first screenplay sound like is moot. Unless, of course, you speak Russian.

But like so many Ridley Scott movies, the pictures are still worth a thousand слова (thank you, Google translator) — like the one of Cameron Diaz crawling on top of a car, or Javier Bardem with a crazy haircut or Michael Fassbender doing sexy Michael Fassbender things.

Anyway, you can watch it here, and then you can see The Counselor in its full English glory when it opens here in the States on Nov. 15.