10 Ron Swanson Words Of Wisdom In Honor Of Nick Offerman’s Birthday

Much like his character Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, Nick Offerman is a man with simple tastes.

The often-mustachioed actor, who’s married to onscreen ex-wife Megan Mullally, would rather indulge in classic Americana activities such as baseball and wood-working rather than attend a swanky soiree in Hollywood.

To celebrate this gentleman’s 43rd birthday, Celebuzz is taking a look at the top 10 life lessons we’ve learned from his NBC show.

1. Put in your 100 percent.

2. Not all people are like you. (Some are really dumb.)

3. Enjoy your scotch.

4. Throw good parties.

5. Make something.

6. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

7. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

8. Don’t be afraid to use your authority.

9. Eat good food.

10. And finally, live without regrets.