Read Today’s Winning Captions or Taylor Lautner Gets It!

My mama always said, “Life is like a box of chocolates: you should be careful what you say to people, because you never know who will get angry and attack you on the hood of a car.” My mama wasn’t very good at sayings. Yet, that one always stuck with me.

That advice could have served Taylor Lautner well. Never mind that his photo is taken from the set of his new movie, Tracers. It’s more fun to think that someone actually jumped him. You know, because of Twilight. Or the fact that le looks a lot like an alpaca. So many possible reasons. #DownWithAlpacaAbuse!

Some more great life advice, not from my mother, is to read today’s winning captions:

“You’re not in Forks anymore” – Jenn

“Why did you let edward get bella!? What is wrong with you!?” – Andrea

“Do NOT take your shirt off!” – Letty

“So you think that because you’ve grown facial hair that it makes you a man!!!!” – Rachel

“Taylor swift finally gets her revenge” – Liam

“No I swear they made me make those crappy movies!!” – William

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