Farrah Abraham: Charlie Sheen Is ‘Meaner Than Amanda Bynes’

Well, so much for social niceties.

The feud between Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and Charlie Sheen isn’t over just yet. The former has now responded to the latter’s “desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua” insult, even going so far as dragging troubled starlet and non-ugly person Amanda Bynes into the argument.

“Anything he says doesn’t even make sense to me. He’s meaner than Amanda Bynes. I would never go on an intimate date with Charlie Sheen. He is really not my type at all,” Abraham tells HollywoodLife.

“[Sheen] needs to get his stuff together. I don’t even care.”

The former MTV star’s fighting words are quite the departure from her last message to the Anger Management actor. Earlier in June, Abraham allegedly leaked text conversations she sent to Sheen talking about playdates for their children and hanging out with “pornstar ppl.”

Bynes and Sheen, the ball is now in your corner.