Justin Bieber’s Monkey Emerges From Quarantine in Germany

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Justin Bieber’s ex-monkey Mally emerged from quarantine on Wednesday as he was transferred to his new location at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, Germany.

The Associated Press says that Mally, who was seized by German customs on March 28 after Bieber failed to cough up the proper care-taking documents at Munich Airport (think Not Without My Daughter meets Sophie’s Choice), will soon be introduced to the zoo’s other capuchin monkeys, where he will presumably share stories from his brief brush with fame. (“He’s really not that short!” Mally will say.)

In fact, the zoo’s manager, the non-German-sounding Fabrizio Sepe, says that Mally is already fitting in quite well.

“Mally is a clever little guy and we’re confident that he will settle in quickly,” Sepe said Wednesday.

Beiber, meanwhile, is hooking up with a married woman.