Paula Deen’s Tense ‘TODAY’ Show Interview Ends in Tears

After bailing on Matt Lauer last Friday, Paula Deen appeared on the TODAY show this morning to address allegations that she had used racial slurs in her past. The interview, which lasted over 13 minutes, can only be described as tense, emotional and, well, not very fun to watch.

Right from the get-go, it was clear that Lauer wasn’t going to let Deen take control of his interview. (Since she canceled on him once already, let’s call it his.)

Instead of letting Deen defend herself with what sounded like pre-rehearsed rhetoric (“I believe that every creature on this Earth, every one of God’s creatures, was created equal,” she said at the top of the interview), Lauer demanded answers about her lost and pending endorsement deals with the Food Network, Smithfield Ham and QVC. Deen looked uncomfortable and surprised by Lauer’s persistence, and struggled to respond to his hard-hitting questions like a spoon trying to mix its way through a sticky bowl of Deen’s favorite ingredient, butter.

And then the tears came, and it got awkward. Deen started rambling about having to console her own friends because they were crying over remarks from the press, how she’s received “wonderful” support from Rev. [Jesse] Jackson and a whole bunch of other things. She even said, “I is what I is” at one point, and then it was time to turn the whole thing off.

You can watch the full interview for yourself in the video, above.