Cameron Diaz, Not Sandra Bullock, Will Play Miss Hannigan in ‘Annie’

So remember in My Best Friend’s Wedding when Cameron Diaz got up to sing karaoke and it was so bad that everyone was all like, “Oh God, I hope they never cast her in a musical”? Well, apparently they just did.

Deadline is reporting that the 40-year-old actress will play mean orphan lady Miss Hannigan in the upcoming movie-musical remake of Annie after Sandra Bullock (sadly) dropped out. She’ll join Jamie Foxx and Beasts of the Southern Wild cutie Quvenzhané Wallis in the Will Gluck-directed project, out Christmas 2014.

To be fair, the bad singing My Best Friend’s Wedding was intentional — so was, I think, the bad singing she did in Vanilla Sky. (Memba that?) Plus, hey, maybe this will give her a much-needed career boost.

Either way, even if Diaz’s singing is still bad, it’s unlikely anyone will be able to hear her voice over those loud, bratty little girls.

In which case, maybe I should play Miss Hannigan.

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