Plane Carrying Missoni Fashion Director Found Six Months After it Went Missing

Venezuela’s Interor Ministry spokesman Jorge Galindo tweeted Thursday that the small plane carrying Missoni fashion director Vittorio Missoni has been found nearly six months after it went missing. The plane was leaving the archipelago of Los Roques at the time of its disappearance, headed for Venezuela’s capital Caracas. Missoni, his wife and four other people were on board at the time.

According to Galindo, the plane has been found off Key Carenero, which is within the Los Roques archipelago.

After the plane’s disappearance on January 4 of this year, Venezuelan authorities launched an exhaustive search using boats, helicopters and divers,  but they found no sign of the missing plane. It’s unclear whether the remains of the six missing were found along with the plane.

Missoni took over the iconic brand in 1996 with his two siblings Luca and Angela. Neither Luca nor Angela were on board the plane at the time of its crash. Missoni is best known for its signature zigzig as well as its high-end knitwear. The line recently partnered with Target to sell a less expensive line of Missoni designs. It was wildly successful, selling out in one day and crashing Target’s website due to high demand.