Sharon Osbourne Wants To Play With Prince Charles’ Crown Jewels and Scepter


Apparently, being married to the Prince of Darkness isn’t enough for Sharon Osbourne as she now has her sights set on another royal.

In a recent interview with Conan O’Brien on his late night talk show, Mrs. Ozzy Osbourne admitted being open to performing oral sex on Prince Charles. (That’s the bloke that cheated on Princess Diana, if you’re wondering.)

“I want a title. They call it a Dame. You just have to suck his d***,” she said nonchalantly. “[Ozzy] can f*** Camilla while I’m with Charles. I love Charles. I would love to have sex with him. I would love to see his old willy. Gorgeous.”

It’s still undecided if this is what Sharon and Ozzy agreed on when they decided not to end their 31-year marriage, but the world is creeped out by the information nonetheless.

I’m sure unimpressed Queen Elizabeth would agree.