Watch: Miranda Kerr’s Tips On Keeping A ‘Body Beautiful’

Ever wonder what supermodel Miranda Kerr eats for breakfast? Surprise, surprise — it’s not a cronut.

For her new Net-a-Porter video lifestyle series, Body Beautiful, the 30-year-old stunner is letting you in on her morning routine. Spoiler alert: it involves a thick, green smoothie.

“Health and nutrition play a vital role in my life,” the former Victoria’s Secret Angel says in the clip. “And I’m here to show you some of my personal health tips.”

Go on…

Kerr explains that her day begins with warm water and lemon. Exciting! Then she makes her power shake, complete with cold-pressed coconut milk, vegan rice protein powder, raw cacao and spirulina. You know, the food staples one typically keeps handy in their pantry. Watch for the full recipe.

But what does the leggy lady eat when she wants to splurge? “Sometimes as a treat I like to eat dark chocolate covered goji berries,” Kerr reveals. Ooh — you’re bad, Miranda!

Admittedly, we can’t really hate on Mrs. Orlando Bloom’s lifestyle choices. Girl looks amazing whether she’s throwing a baseball or posing topless in her skivvies.

Watch Miranda teach you her delicious, nutritious ways in the video, above.