Beyoncé Fan Week: Show Us Your ‘Single Ladies’ Dance

Well, Beyhive, Beyoncé Fan Week was a blast. The fun we had? It was… irreplaceable. Yeah, I went there.

Let’s revisit some of that fun. First, we asked you to vote for your favorite Beyoncé album. Then we asked you to share a photo of your fierce #QueenBeyStyle. Yesterday, we got all nostalgic and told you to vote for your favorite Destiny’s Child album. (And don’t forget that you can still vote for Queen Bey in our 2013 Album Anticipation Showdown!)

That was all well and good, but now it’s time to raise those heart rates. We want you to send us an Instagram video of you doing your best “Single Ladies” dance. Or, you know, any awesome Beyoncé dance move. Or really any dance move. Seriously, we’re not picky.

1) Record a video of yourself or a friend doing the “Single Ladies” dance.

2) Again, it can be any Beyoncé dance move, really. Or any dance move period. We aren’t going to fact check.

3) Tag your video with the hashtag #MovesLikeQueenBey

4) We’ll be sure to check them all out, and we’ll do our best to feature a few of our favorites!

Get inspired!

Again, Beyoncé Fan Week was a blast. We hope you had fun too! Thanks for participating, Beyhive!