Come and Get Your Selena Gomez Caption Contest Results

Selena Gomez has a large crowd greet her after stopping by MuchMusic to co-host 'NewMusicLive' in Toronto
Here we see Selena Gomez reenacting the cover art for Lady Gaga's Born This Way. Everyone's a Little Monster, apparently.

We also see today's winning captions, from users so clever, fun, and witty, that we just can't even:

"OMG! there's a Jolly Rancher in my pocket!" - Jonathan

"Bieber if you want it come and get it. Na Na Na Na Na..." - Bina

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......who pinched my butt ?!?" - DrRays

Congrats to our winners! Visit our Facebook page for a new Caption Contest each and every weekday.



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  • Nikolai Cena
    Nikolai Cena

    The caption are really fun. haha. I would've submitted one if I've known something like this