Lady Gaga Wows NYC Pride Event With A Capella Version Of The National Anthem

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Lady Gaga has officially arisen out of the ashes from her post hip surgery blackout and she did it for her friends and supporters in the LGBT Community.

Her Highness was the surprise guest at a Gay Pride Rally in New York City last night. And by surprise, I mean that everyone on Twitter knew about it.

Always on top of her current events, Gaga told the crowd that they had arisen to stardom this week and that she would finally be the one to tell stories about knowing her fans before they held the spotlight. Then, to the delight of the crowd, the singer did what she does best and sang our National Anthem a capella.

You can watch the video below as many times as you please. It’ll probably be the only thing that can hold you over until Mother Monster stops being a tease and releases ARTPOP already.