Constantly Shirtless Stephen Amell Won’t Stop Teasing His Facebook Fans

Stephen Amell may play the hooded vigilante on Arrow, but he tends to never be fully clothed 98% of the time when he isn’t fighting crime.

He also has a tendency to mercilessly tease his fans with images like the one above, which he posted just today. I’m not complaining, just wondering out loud as to whether or not the man might have some sort of cotton allergy that needs dealing with.

In all seriousness, it is nice to know though that the success of the show has yet to go to his head. Just yesterday he posted an extremely nerdy video in which he claims to be Michael J. Fox’s time traveling alter ego.

Next time though Stephen, let’s make sure the picture is in focus. If you’re gonna show us your muscles, we want to see ‘em all.