22 Celebrity Canucks Who Are Probably Celebrating Canada Day

Grab a dozen of Timbits and crack open a two-four because Canada Day is here.

From Justin Bieber to the world’s two hottest Ryans (that’s Gosling and Reynolds, if you’re wondering), some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities call the great white north home — and that enough for us to celebrate.

July 1 marks the day the first three colonies of Canada united as a country and then again when it became an independent nation from the United Kingdom. The holiday is pretty similar to America’s Fourth of July — complete with barbecuing, drinks and fireworks — except everyone’s decked out in red and white.

So, who may be proudly enjoying some Canadian bacon with a side of poutine for their motherland this Monday?

Here are 22 celebrities who are probably oot and aboot out and about celebrating Canada Day, in the gallery above.