5 Stories You May Have Missed This Weekend

It’s the summer time, we get it. Sometimes you miss some of the awesome stories we’re talking about because you’re right where you should be, outside! Thankfully we’ve rounded up the top five stories of the weekend, so you can play catch up and have that water cooler conversation we all need to avoid coming down with a case of the Monday’s.

Babies, Babies everywhere!

Both Jessica Simpson and Flipping Out star Jenni Pulos gave birth over the weekend. Simpson welcomed her second child, a boy, and named him Ace Knute Johnson. Pulos had a baby girl and named her Alianna Marika Nassos. Congratulations to both moms and good luck with the little ones!

Lady Gaga brought her support and voice to the 2013 NYC Gay Pride Kick-Off Rally.

Lady Gaga surprised the crowd on the first night of the 2013 New York City Gay Pride Festival. Not only did she make her Little Monsters feel as if they had attained her level of star power, but she sang a very special rendition of our National Anthem.

Happy Endings has officially, and much to our chagrin, ended. 

There was a shred of hope for the comedy after ABC cancelled it in May, especially with Cougar Town accomplishing a similar feat. Alas, Sony Pictures Television, the studio which produced Happy Endings, ran out of time and lost its cast due to expiring contracts.

Hulk Hogan’s daughter finds love and an engagement ring in Las Vegas.

Reality TV Star and sometimes singer Brooke Hogan took to Instagram on Saturday and let the world know that she was engaged. Her brand new fiancé is Phil Costa, who happens to be a Center for the Dallas Cowboy’s.

Warner Brothers Pictures put all their cards on the table and released brand new footage from Pacific Rim. 

I’ve decided that Director Guillermo del Toro is mad man and should be celebrated for the amazing ideas that live inside his brain. The clip below shows off a ton of the giant monster mayhem that is going to make Pacific Rim the sleeper hit of the summer.