Armie Hammer’s ‘The Lone Ranger’ Co-Star Reveals What The Actor Was REALLY Like On Set

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Working hard or hardly working?

Armie Hammer has been bringing out his inner child on the set of The Lone Ranger, says his young co-star, Bryant Prince.

Prince, who plays the actor’s nephew in Disney’s upcoming western action-adventure, told Celebuzz that the two would keep busy with laughs.

“We joked around all the time. I mean, we would have fun all the time, they called us the ‘little kids’ because he would just joke around all the time,” said Prince.

Good laughs and a relatable sense of humor can make a lasting impression, but Prince seemed most appreciative by how kind Hammer was.

“He was just so nice and you don’t meet many guys that are so, so nice,” Prince said.

Being a young newcomer in the Hollywood world can be nerve-racking, but add big names like Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter to workplace and things might get a little overwhelming. However, Prince said the crew and cast made him feel welcomed and embraced.

“I wanted to prove that I wasn’t just a little kid. I could do what they needed me to do. So the first couple of days were a little nerve racking then I started developing a lot of friends and it turned out to be my family away from my family,” he told us.

And what’s one thing Prince took away from set?

“[Hammer] can play any role. He can do anything,” he gushed. “Same with Johnny. They can do any role.”