Henry Cavill is a “Massive” ‘Big Bang Theory’ Fan

Us Weekly today brings us a very important piece of breaking news. Henry Cavill, the star of Man of Steel and one or two of your sex dreams probably, is “a massive Big Bang Theory fan.” This is, of course, according to a source familiar with the network television-watching habits of the 30-year-old actor.

Henry Cavill can’t wait for Thursday nights to curl up in front of his TV and watch CBS’ primetime programming. Henry Cavill loves that Barenaked Ladies song and just gets so excited every year when Jim Parsons wins another Emmy. Henry Cavill was over the moon (get it?) when Howard Wolowitz got to go to space. He can’t help but laugh every time Sheldon does his “famous” “knocking on a door before saying the name of [the person] whom he’s addressing, repeating this three times” sight gag. (What a riot, that Sheldon!) Henry Cavill can’t wait until Leonard and Penny can finally make it work. His least favorite thing about summer is that The Big Bang Theory isn’t on, but thank god for TBS which plays mini-marathons of Henry Cavill’s all-time favorite television show on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

When you do you think Henry Cavill started watching The Big Bang Theory? Was he an early adopter, or did he pick it up around season 3, watching seasons 1 and two on Netflix to catch up? Who is Henry Cavill’s favorite character? Does he like Sheldon? Or is he more of a Raj person? Was Henry Cavill thrilled when Blossom joined the cast? Unfortunately, Us Weekly leaves these Big Bang queries unanswered.

The article does mention, though, that Cavill and Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco are now big banging.