Here Is Your First Look at Gary Carr on the Set of ‘Downton Abbey’

If you were hoping that Gary Carr, the first black actor to join the cast of Downton Abbey, would shake things up this season by rowing a boat and looking all cute in a three-piece suit, get excited, because that’s exactly what he’s doing in these just-released photos.

Carr was cast two months ago as Jack Ross, a “charming and charismatic” jazz singer. To be fair, he does appear to be rowing said boat in a very charming and charismatic manner, so perhaps the writers are onto something already.

Since his casting was announced, nobody has been able to pinpoint whom exactly Jack Ross will be charming. Easy money is on Rose (Lily James), though, based on all that jazz-club-hopping she did last season. (Edith would probably screw this one up, anyway.)

Downton Abbey season 4, which just cast Paul Giamatti, premieres here in the States on Jan. 4, 2014. Unavoidable spoilers from across the pond will hit a few months earlier.