Jennifer Lawrence Lands the Cover of Vogue’s September Issue

The Super Bowl of magazine covers, Vogue’s September issue, will bear Jennifer Lawrence’s face this year. It will be her first American Vogue cover.

In the magazine world, the September issue is like the (magna carta) holy grail. It’s chock full of ads, last year’s September Vogue was 658 pages. For that, it’s important to get a cover model who can really sell magazines which is why we often get favorites like Halle Berry, Kate Moss and Lady Gaga (Vogue’s September cover models in 2010, 2011 and 2012, respectively). Lawrence is an interesting choice for the magazine both because of her age — Lawrence is only 22 — and because of her status as a relative newcomer. Almost no one knew who she was before she burst onto the scene and earned an Acadamy Award nomination for Winter’s Bone. However, Lawrence has had a remarkable couple years, taking the lead role in the highly anticipated Hunger Games tentpole and winning an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook. She is the it girl, and being selected as Vogue’s September cover model solidifies that.

What is unclear, is whether or not Lawrence sells magazines. She’s relatively unproven and certainly no newsstand staple like Gaga, Aniston or Rihanna. However, there’s no one who can jump from playing roles like Winter’s Bone to Hunger Games to smoking weed in Hawaii to falling on her face at the Oscars, all while remaining maintaining her credibility and likability, like Lawrence. She appeals to a wide audience, and magazine sales are all about mass market appeal. In addition, Lawrence gives a great interview. She’s raw, uncensored and often funny. There’ll no doubt be a couple of great pull quotes for Vogue  to circulate in order to boost sales.

Other magazines, too, are announcing their September covers, here is what you’ll be seeing at the grocery store checkout come this fall.